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Hey, I’m Jerry, and I love terriers! I have had a terrier in almost every stage of my life. Terriers are a friendly, warm, and caring dog breed that makes a great addition to any home.

Terriers were first bred to hunt vermin. They are known today as a typically small, wiry, and fearless dog. Terrier dogs come in so many different sizes, shapes, and personalities.

Harmony and my son just hanging out together

Take Harmony for example. Harmony was a bundle of excitement.

She would go crazy every time she heard our voice. Her whole body would just shake uncontrollably when we came around the corner. She was a great dog.

This website is in memory of Harmony, and the fun-loving personality that she was. When my wife and I were first married, we made the decision to get a dog and hold off on children for a while. The funny thing was, just a few months after getting Harmony, my wife got pregnant.

Harmony didn’t like the divided attention, that’s for sure.

Meet Harmony, a pup my wife and I got after we got married. Harmony is a Jack Russell Terrier.

This website is all about terriers, and the countless hours of research I’ve done for my own terrier dogs over the years.

I own several websites to help people with good information. Whether you’re making a purchase, or you’re researching so that you can make a better decision, I have worked hard to provide well-researched information for everyone.

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Thanks for checking out my website today, I hope that it’s useful to your journey.